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General Information About the Auditor

Place of Work (In audit firm)

Registration Number of Employee Name Legal Address Web-page Primary
SARAS-F-104301 Audit ,,Lazika Audit" LTD საქართველო, ქ. თბილისი, ისანი-სამგორის რაიონი, მასივი ვარკეთილი, ზემო პლატო, II მ/რ, კორპ. N9, ბ. N102 Link no

Form of Membership in Management Body (In audit firm)

Registration Number Name Type of Connection

Ownership (In audit firm)

Registration Number Name Type of Connection

Membership in Professional Organization

Country Identification Number Name of Professional Organization
Georgia 203843804 Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors

Insurance of professional liability

Insurance company Insurance start date Insurance end date Sum
JSC Insurance Company "Euroins Georgia" 06/02/2024 06/02/2025 100,000

Income derived from person’s auditing (non-hired) activity

Source of Income202120222023
Services in Auditing of financial reporting13,93115,24218,810
Other auditing services28,39421,44353,993

Results of Quality Inspection

Date Result


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