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IFIAR and PCAOB Hold Annual Plenary Meeting

On 25-27 April, the IFIAR and the PCAOB organised a meeting in the USA for IFIAR member countries. Representatives of SARAS attended the meeting along with representatives of other oversight bodies.

The IFIAR organises annual plenary meetings for its member countries to provide an overview of audit oversight issues, audit challenges and strategic approaches necessary for sustainable audit quality. The meeting familiarised participants with best practices in the respective areas.

This year, through the plenary meeting, the member countries (54 audit regulators) shared their knowledge and experience with each other on relevant issues related to audit oversight. In addition, members of leading global audit firms, renowned academics and others participated in the IFIAR Plenary.

The meeting featured sessions with the CEOs of the six largest global audit network firms and the Investor and Other Stakeholders Working Group (IOSWG). Issues such as the attractiveness of the audit profession, developments in the sustainability/ESG reporting assurance, etc. were also discussed during the sessions. In addition, the Inspection Findings Survey Report (the report on the monitoring of the quality management system of the IFIAR country members) and the Enforcement Survey Report were presented at the meeting.

It should be noted that, the General Assembly Meeting of the IFIAR Association was also held to appoint new members and the Chair of the Board.