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For the Attention of PIEs and Enterprises/Groups of the First Category

The organizing committee of the Best Annual Report and Transparency Award(BARTA), with the support of SARAS and Accounting Reform’s Stakeholders’ Foundation (RSF), prepared a survey for PIEs and enterprises/groups of the first category. 

The survey aims to further develop the BARTA competition, as well as to identify areas where entities can be supported to improve their reporting.
The survey is completely confidential and the results will be published in an aggregated form on the SARAS and BARTA websites.

Please take part in the survey via the following link:

Thank you for your participation! 



As a reminder, BARTA was launched in 2019 as part of the joint European Union - World Bank project on Financial Inclusion and Accountability. The competition aims to make Georgia a country focused on business and investors, which is necessary for sustainable economic growth. The mission of the Award for the period following the adoption of the Law of Georgia on Accounting, Reporting and Auditing is to encourage compliance with the new reporting regulations, promote healthy competition between companies, and improve the overall standard of corporate reporting in order to gain the trust of investors at both local and international levels.