The reporting process for the 2023 reporting period has started! Please submit your reports, immediately, as soon as they are available

Registration for BARTA 2022 started

The European Union and the World Bank, in partnership with the National Accounting, Reporting and Auditing Reform Support Fund (RSF), have announced the opening of the 2022 Annual Report and Transparency Award (BARTA).  
The competition will be held within the framework of the World Bank and the European Union joint Project – Financial Inclusion and Accountability and the aim of the competition is to increase the quality of reporting and transparency of Georgian companies. Given European and global developments, in particular, the steps taken towards the introduction of sustainability reporting, this award has an even more important role to play.

This year BARTA is open to all companies that are public interest entities (PIEs), including companies in the A and B listing categories, banks, insurance companies, etc. 

The deadline for companies to submit is October 31, 2022.

As part of the partnership between “Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards Meliora” and BARTA companies that apply to participate in the BARTA competition will have a unique opportunity to attend Meliora's annual masterclass. Meliora's masterclass precedes the awards ceremony and is usually intended for companies participating in the competition. The masterclass is led by members of the international jury of the competition, who are leading and outstanding experts in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability. They share their knowledge and experience with the participants about what responsible and sustainable business means and how responsible approaches can be used to achieve business success, what are the current trends and approaches in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

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