SARAS is moving to the New Electronic Communication System

Given the number of inquiries received via email, SARAS is moving to a new and more flexible electronic communication system. The system will launch on August 10. 

Accordingly, from this date, please visit the link to send an email to SARAS. 

The new system offers a list of directions and topics to the sender. After determining them, it is necessary to fill in contact information fields in order for the letter to be sent to SARAS. 

Updated system serves to enhance the process of providing information to the public.

SARAS expresses gratitude to the Financial Analytical Service of the Ministry of Finance for creating a new email system. 


When sending a letter, 3 files can be uploaded. Their size in total must not exceed 15MB. If files cannot be converted to the specified size, please insert the information in the question field and SARAS will contact you individually.