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Registration Number Identification Number Name Authority Monitoring Conducted Restriction Full Information
SARAS-F-711372 204969294 Audit Center Iberia Co L.T.D Non-Statutory Yes PIE, I, II View
SARAS-F-403475 405333241 Audit Company ACL Group LLC Statutory PIE, I, II View
SARAS-F-521960 404419884 Audit Company Melita LLC Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-663540 405422305 Audit company Tamasa Statutory PIE, I, II View
SARAS-F-887264 211356922 audit firm Bakashvili and company ltd Statutory Yes PIE, I View
SARAS-F-256603 405314039 Audit Firm Loialte LTD Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-593403 405486460 AUDIT INFO GRUP LTD Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-431061 204553063 audit konsultant eqsperti Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-844250 400092760 Audit lux service LTD Non-Statutory Yes PIE, I, II View
SARAS-F-293011 404934997 Audit Office Georgia LTD Statutory PIE View

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