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Registration Number Identification Number Name Authority Monitoring Conducted Restriction Full Information
SARAS-F-224957 400096007 ALS LTD Non-Statutory Yes PIE, I, II View
SARAS-F-564427 206212212 alter ego Statutory Yes PIE, I View
SARAS-F-934401 406121352 Andre Audit LTD Statutory Yes PIE, I View
SARAS-F-961149 205236635 ARG GROUP L.T.D Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-764734 400233582 Assurance and consulting group Statutory Yes PIE, I View
SARAS-F-344896 405193124 ATA Financial Audit Statutory Yes View
SARAS-F-641839 405186953 Audex Georgia Ltd Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-408745 212817228 Audit - Prevencia Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-965029 406171752 Audit & Appraisal House LTD Statutory PIE View
SARAS-F-203402 405134297 Audit & Business Low International Corporation Non-Statutory Yes PIE, I, II View

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