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Registration Number Surname Name Primary working place Monitoring Results Full information
SARAS-A-457269 Chikhladze Nino KPMG Georgia LLC View
SARAS-A-509177 Chiladze Irakli LLC INNOX View
SARAS-A-815098 Chinchaladze Teona Ltd Economauditi View
SARAS-A-613849 Chitaia Vladimer Managment Consalting Group View
SARAS-A-542278 Chixladze Otari Ltd "Audit Company Sapienti Sat - 777 View
SARAS-A-316921 Chkadua Lela prioauditi View
SARAS-A-728904 Chkhaidze Irma Fin.Exp.Corporation LTD View
SARAS-A-278379 Chkhetia Merabi M Audit L.T.D View
SARAS-A-839608 Chkhikvadze Nargiz AUDIT AND CONSULTING LTD View
SARAS-A-536095 Chkhikvadze Ketevan PricewaterhouseCoopers Georgia LLC View

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