FAQs – Part 2

According to the inquires received to the Hotline, SARAS will offer weekly answers to the FAQs on the web page.

Please have a look at last week's FAQs:

1.The entity already has an administrator and I am unable to register. What should I do?

An entity may have one administrator only. Therefore, in order to cancel the old administrator, please send us the application signed by the director / authorized person via the following website: https://saras.gov.ge/ms/


2. How to cancel an administrator?

See the video instruction.  


3. How to add a new entity?

See the video instruction.


4. How to reset your password? 

See the video instruction.


5. When indicating the reporting period, Reportal requires to create old financial statements. What should I do?

See the video instruction.  


6. Can an annual report be submitted on October 1 as well? 

By law, the 2020 annual reports must be submitted no later than October 1.