A representative of the SARAS attended the Annual Plenary Session of the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (IFIAR)

On April 19-21 the Annual Plenary Session of the IFIAR was held virtually. A representative of the SARAS attended the Session.

The session consisted of three meetings. Mainly it was dedicated to the review of the audit quality management issue during the pandemic. At the meeting, the speakers introduced the audience to the news related to the International Quality Management Standard and discussed how the inspections are prepared in accordance with the standard. Furthermore, the speakers highlighted the importance of the focus on Audit Quality from both Firm/Audit Committee and Regulatory Perspectives. Besides, the speakers discussed the auditors’ responsibilities related to fraud from an investor perspective.

The various working groups established under the auspices of the IFIAR informed the audience on the undertaken work and research. 

At the session, delegates discussed the IFIAR future plans and the hot topics of the management. The General Assembly of the IFIAR assigned new members and chairman of the board.