The World Bank publishes the schedule of planned webinars for SMPs

The series of webinars that was developed by the World Bank to support SMPs launched in 2020. Difficult circumstances and new challenges caused by the pandemic affecting SMPs require quick response and solution. Therefore, on the first stage, within the frames of the European Union-World Bank joint Financial Inclusion and Accountability Project, the World Bank conducted a survey of auditors and audit firms to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the market for audit services in Georgia and to identify the main challenges. 

Based on the survey results, a special series of webinars were developed to help SMPs adapt to the current environment. During webinars, participants will gain global insights tailored to the local needs of Georgian SMPs from leading experts.

Paul Thompson, the Director of European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for SMEs (EFAA) will lead the webinars. Different experts of the field will join each event.

See the schedule of the webinars

Please note that the scheduled webinars' exact dates will be announced shortly and the schedule will be updated accordingly.

The webinars from this series planned by the World Bank will be announced on the SARAS web-page.